Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Podcast Roundup: 2015 #1 (February 26)

Something I haven't done in a while, but hope to keep up as a sort of 2015 resolution.

In recent times, podcasts are back. Big time.

I am a regular listener of a number of podcasts, in particular those listed on this page.

I will be intending to make a fortnightly post about podcasts I've listened to, loved and/or hated. Those that inspire me, or crush my sense of optimism about the world.

So without further ado, welcome to the first podcast roundup of 2015!

Best podcast:

Fascinating discussion with Jamie Love, Director of Knowledge Ecology International, an organisation deeply involved in tackling major worldwide issues around intellectual property, international trade and access to medicines. In this podcast, Love discusses trade deals, ways of dealing with the huge (and growing) issues around prescription medicines, such as high (and unjustifiable) cost for many of them, unfair and unequal access, and the challenges presented by the current patent system in dealing with them. He also discusses the big legal case in India, where the patent of a cancer medication was rejected by the Indian government, to prevent spiralling costs to the government and the public, by ensuring generic "off patent" drugs were available for doctors and patients; and other similar stories from recent times. He also presents some potential solutions to the issues he outlines, and where the world is heading in coming years.

Worthy nominees:
Global Prosperity Wonkcast: " 'Only Private Sector Investment Can End Extreme Poverty' " Raj Shah Tells CGD": featuring outgoing USAID (the organisation that oversees American foreign aid) Administrator, Raj Shah, discusses his years in the job, what has worked well and not so well; his predictions for the future financing of international development goals; as well as focussing on the title of the podcast, the role of the private sector in investing in a better future for the world's low and middle income nations. Listen here.

Tea with Alice: "Stripping for Jesus: Jarrod McKenna". Host Alice Fraser catches up for an extended chat with Mr Jarrod McKenna. Amongst working as a pastor, he is a prominent leader in the modern Christian community, for his work as a nonviolence activist, leader in the #LoveMakesAWay movement (seeking to end "Australia's inhumane asylum seeker policies"), through means including peaceful protesting (generally singing and praying) in politician officers. He does other cool stuff too, which he chats about in the podcast, and on his Facebook pageView In iTunes

Banter: "#173 Peter Wallison on the 2008 Financial Crisis". Whilst I can often stridently disagree with both the hosts and the guests on the Banter podcast, I find it a very interesting and useful look at the world through a decidedly economically 'conservative' (I dislike these labels very much, but that's a story for another day) viewpoint. This is no exception, with the guest, author Peter Wallison discussing his latest book, in which he describes why the Global Financial Crisis of recent years was the fault of government policy, and, contrary to the general view, the private sector bears no/minimal blame, and as such should not see higher regulation and punishment (and that efforts to expand regulation have been the cause of the slower than expected recovery). Interesting perspective, take a listen and see what you think. View In iTunes.

New podcast discovery: 
Tea with Alice. I think I'm a bit behind on this, but comedian (and former lawyer) Alice Fraser hosts a very excellent chat podcast. Each week she features someone very different from the last, with unique perspectives on the world around them. Check it our on iTunes here, and/or follow her on Twitter.

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