Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Honduras Election (2013)

From over at my other page, DemocracyAroundTheWorld (DATW):

Hernández was declared the official winner of the election.
On December 3, it was announced that Electoral Authorities were to re-count the votes of the election.
Castro had announced her concern regarding the electoral process at this election, and her plans to appeal the outcome (both in the streets and the court room).  There are allegedly a long list of violations that Castro is asking to be investigated.  The results were also being challenged and contested by various international groups, including the North American Congress on Latin America.  In contrast, the European Union and other organisations  labelled the result as fair and transparent.  The EU Electoral Observation Mission (EU-EOM), in its Preliminary Report reported a:
very positive evauation of both the transparency of voting processes and respect of the will of the voters during the counting process.
However, in the same report, the EU-EOM expressed concern regarding the “country’s poor security conditions”, the “unequal” and “opaque” campaign period, and a Voter Register that “is not accurate and reliable”.  It will publish a full report in late January.

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