Thursday, 26 December 2013

Global Health Podcast Roundup - 26 December 2013

Something new I am trialling.
There are an array of Podcasts out there that have a Global Health-y theme to them.  I'm only new to listening to them, thanks to some recommendations from some friends, Twitter and iTunes/internet-at-large. 

Ones I will be listening to on a regular basis:

Humanosphere podcast: by Tom Paulson and Ansel Herz (weekly)

"The aid industry, NGO world, or the nonprofit universe... whatever you call it, that's our beat at Humanosphere. Our podcast is a weekly look at global health and the fight against poverty, hosted by journalist Tom Paulson, Humanosphere's irreverent and indefatigible editor."


Global Health: by Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (several times per month)

"Analyzing how governments and international organizations can redefine themselves to meet the challenges posed by such global health issues as the spread of disease and the lack of food and water resources."


Development Policy Centre Podcast: by ANU's Crawford School of Public Policy (weekly)

"We research and promote discussion of aid effectiveness, the Pacific and PNG, and development policy. Our events are a forum for the dissemination of findings and the exchange of new ideas. You can access audio recordings of our events through this podcast."

Each week/fortnight, after listening to the Podcasts, I will provide a summary of interesting points, ideas and suggestions that are raised during the discussions; and making a monthly Top Pick, for the best Podcast of the month.

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