Sunday, 1 December 2013

David Leyonhjelm - you are wrong

"Why are we forced to be the defenceless victim?" he said. 'It's unthinkable you can't protect yourself. Jill Meagher . . . who was raped and murdered, if she'd have carried a weapon to protect herself, she could have been arrested."
From The Australian:

This is one of the new Senators, following the recent Election. His name is David Leyonhjelm, and he is from the Liberal Democrats Party, in NSW.

He seems to think that we in Australia should move towards a US-style policy on Guns, where more or less anyone is able to access a gun, and where the strong advocacy of the Gun lobby has seen politician after politician fail to do anything to stop the flow of murders by Gun.

But what about our freedoms? Well how about the freedoms of the over 11,000 people who have died THIS YEAR ALONE from Guns in the U.S.? This is over 480 THOUSAND years of life, stolen away by the cowardice of those wielding a gun. 

This is a terrific but terrifying graphic, that emphasises this fact.

And Mr Leyonhjelm, how dare you bring an INNOCENT VICTIM, who was brutally raped and murdered into this? Suggesting that "maybe if she had a gun, things might have been different". This is the same sort of bullshit logic that people use to justify rape (why was she out by herself? why was she wearing those provocative clothes? etc etc.).

No, the reason Jill Meagher is dead is because a monster (who has admitted guilt) raped and murdered her. If you give her a gun, why not give him a gun? Give him 3 guns? And then what might have happened?

Having guns in the US has not helped to prevent thousands upon thousands of people getting slaughtered each year. Giving "good guys" a gun, does not stop "bad guys" killing them. As we have seen time and time and time again.

Arguably the most significant reform of John Howard's Prime Ministership was his Gun Buyback policy, which helped take hundreds of thousands of guns off our streets, and without doubt saved countless lives. We can all thank PM Howard for standing up for what was right then, and what is still right today.

Free and ready access to guns has no place in our civil society, and if David Leyonhjelm reckons we should change that, then he can fuck off. And I hope all parties in Parliament strongly oppose his views.

For a more eloquent response to this, check out this article in The Hoopla.

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